Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Asia Pacific Business Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Asia Pacific Business - Assignment Example Rationalization involves the adoption of techniques that can lead to efficient production of the capital goods. Japan has a tradition of a high savings rate, and a low consumption rate. During the periods of growth, the Japanese government used these savings for purposes of constructing roads, and infrastructures (Lye, 2010). In 1990s, this surplus savings became a structural impediment to the growth of Japan (Asher, Newman and Snyder, 2002). There was a severe slump in its demand, causing the Japanese economy to stagnate. The support of various interest groups by LDP made it fail to implement various measures aimed at improving the economy. This includes, failing to implement reforms that could tackle non-performing loans (Lye, 2010). Lack of good leadership led to development of ineffective policies such as the consumption tax of 1997. These taxes led to an increase in prices of commodities, leading to stagnation in growth (Menkhoff, 2010). The Japanese complex economic structure led to its economic stagnation. The symbiotic relationships between the ministry of finance and other cooperation’s between its jurisdictions have contributed to the stagnation of its economy (Lye, 2010). There is also little transparency in the economic affairs of the state. It is possible to use technology in agricultural development (Rowley, 2007). It will enable farmers improve their produce, hence feeding the nation. For example, the use of green houses to produce fruits, and vegetables. Technology helps in the creation of jobs. This is mainly because the government will employ new people in the vacancies brought forth by these technologies. For example, technological innovations in the mobile phone industry will create jobs in the

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