Sunday, November 17, 2019

Church Growth Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Church Growth - Essay Example It not only tells about the principles but also tells us that why we want to grow It tells us about the core motivations behind church growth. It tells us about the relationship between leadership and church growth. It gives description about larger and smaller churches. Chapters seventeen, eighteen and nineteen speak about the basic principles of the Church Growth movement. This movement is based upon the use of sociological devices in order to attract new converts. The next idea that the author tells the reader in chapter twenty is that of laity and ministry. This section states that for both pastors and the other laity there are different things that must take place, which are not always pleasing and difficult to do. One of the most thrilling principles of church growth is to set free laity to do the work of ministry1. Chapters twenty one till twenty six chronicle the various strategies that have been used by the Church Growth movement in order to improve its clout and influence. Numerical strength will always help Christianity while every effort should be conducted in order to capture the heart of potential converts. The remaining chapters focus on the organization, planning, and preparation of the Church Growth movement. Church planting is the next idea of this book.

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