Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Corporate Culture of Google Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Corporate Culture of Google - Research Paper employmentThis brings a sense of belonging to the employees boosting their morale which can be reflected in improved productivity. This has created a customs duty of participatory decision making that explores the benefits of the creative and innovative contribution of the workers towards checkable value creation activities. Firms where turn over management makes critical decisions, the workers may be constrained to deliver under harsh rules and regulations. In the quality of Google, the decisions made are objective rather subjective in the sense that they capture the interest of the bulk while taking team goals as a priority (Kandula, 2007). This has the effect of helping the workers to unleash their potentiality in the overall production and management process a factor that has seen the firm maintain a high standard of quality at an environmentally feasible level.There is a significant measure of perks workers obtain from Google. One of such benefits includes acquiring of the firms products at discounted prices which significantly help the workers save. In some instances, the workers are given some function free of charge as an indirect motivational strategy and appreciation gesture towards better productivity (Sofo, 2000). This promotes the spirit of unity and sense of caring for the ecesis to its employees. By pointing out that the employees are considered invaluable to the firm, it is evident that the wage size and allowances are favorable to sustain the workers hence promoting their overall welfare. Google has put effort towards favorable working environment through organized base hit equipment (Walsh, 2013). Googles human resource department offers free training and development opportunities which are couples with free services during the classes. This saves the workers from spending money and time in a training college hence its preference by workers.

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