Saturday, April 27, 2019

Movie review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Movie followup ExampleWalter Lee is sure that investing the money in a liquor store bequeath provide the most long-term financial security for the family. He has some friends that want to invest in the business with him, but they are not willing to put up any of their own cash.mammy Younger, played by Phylicia Rashad is sure that getting bug out of the dismal housing situation they are in would help the entire family most. She has dreams of a nice neighborhood and a spacious house where there is full room for all the family members to breathe. She has set her sights on a pleasant little house in the Clybourne commonalty neighborhood. The only problem is this neighborhood is all white. The Youngers would be the first African-American family to live there.Other study characters that have their own dreams and desires that are attached to the money in some itinerary are Benethea and Ruth. Benethea is the baby of Walter Lee and Ruth is Walter Lees wife. Their young sons name is Tra vis.The updated production is broadly based on the original play. Some of the updating is unfortunate because the feel of the bosh is altered tremendously. I feel that Phylicia Rashad and Sean Combs are woefully miscast in this production. The original story is about a family that was less(prenominal) polished and more real than the one portrayed in this production. Rashad and Combs are too smooth in their delivery to have credibility as the matriarch and oldest son of a family struggling to get out of the ghetto. Their presence gives the story an air of people pretending (not very convincingly) that they are salt of the earth. Stylistically, the updated feel of the story robs the original of the edginess in the original story.Some of the criticism I feel towards this updated version stems from the way the family reacts to the blatant racism they face from their white neighbors. The family doesnt seem shocked or even in truth angry. Walter Lee seems to be resigned

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