Monday, September 9, 2019

Engineering Technology and Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Engineering Technology and Society - Essay Example In these days, container designs for medications are a result of two disciplines: graphics and engineering, combined together to create better solutions for medication efficacy while these are kept. Innovations include contours with bump outs for easy patient grip when opening these containers, or removable rings for colour code prescriptions (Hafferty, 2010). Or, added ease with pliable ergonomic stoppers apart from utilisation considerations to protect product quality during shipment and in storage. Functionality involves structure, user friendliness in the simple dispensing of a dosage without need for assistance (Butchli, 2010); specialized packaging to unit-dose (Weeren et al 2002), labelling regulatory texts and standard brand imagery (Butchli, 2010). Given the broadness of available technologies, pharmaceutical containers sit a critical concern because efficacy directly affects health, impacts on brand differentiation and competitor edge. Containers protect against environmental factors as moisture, light or oxygen in the delivery of NDSS (Novel Drug Delivery Systems or medications described as oral, nasal, pulmonary, transdermal or needle free). The Institute for International Research has carried out several presentations on the relevance of a combined approach of scientific and business sense, and a marked cooperation between graphics and engineering to reach stability and shelf life (Weeren et al 2002). Resistance to various physical or chemical reactions and contamination is the aspect of a drug known as stability. Typically, it is assumed that medications kept in closed containers remain unchanged within its shelf life. The rate of change or degradation is expressed in terms of, drug A which degrades by hydrolysis to degradant B thus A + H2O B Or reduction in the concentration of A with time is the same as the rate constant of the

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