Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Neither human beings nor their bodies should be commodities that can Essay

Neither gentleman beings nor their bodies should be commodities that can be traded on the market. Discuss this question - Essay ExampleHuman traffic male monarch and sales event of system organs are classified into different categories of trade of human beings and their bodies. One of the categories that can be outlined in sale of human body is kidney transplant or any transplant that can lead to deliverance of human life as it would lead to change in his health condition. This king of trade on human bodies is regarded fair by many bulk but there are still a number of people who think that the practice is abhorrent and should be prohibited. Although the society harbors the aversion to activities conducted on corpse, it encourages and tolerates especially through legalization the transplant activities and forensic postmortems (Price, 2000, p. 32). The other kind of human trafficking and sale of human parts involves sale of certain body parts illegally or trading people for slave s where they are taken for hard labor, discrimination and versed manipulation. This kind of human trade is unacceptable to many people and thus it is disregarded all over the world. The experts who participate in the transplant operations advice people to judge the two activities with sense of ethical measures. The element of choice is essential. However, when making choices, one must consider moral, humanitarian and social purpose of the choice and right (Gallagher, 2012, p. 7). For instance, sale of human bodies for other purpose like witchcraft, sexual activities, child labor, and other forms of discrimination should not be treated as sale of human organs or donation for transplant.One form of human trafficking that leads to discrimination on human beings is slavery and sexual manipulation. Discrimination can be set forth as unequal or unjust discussion of individuals or groups of people based on their human attributes. Discrimination may be differential treatment or disparat e impact. This is witnessed where people are captured or

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