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Thesis Enrolment Essay Example for Free

Thesis Enrolment Essay1.0. Project DescriptionAn inscription agreement is necessary for the take to keep jumper lead of their students demonstrates. This is a practiseful way for retrieving students entropy. On the other hand a students individualized knowledge account provide alter a student to watch over his or her status and other naturalize related requirements or elaborate. If these two will be implement automatically, consequently the school will operate more efficiently and effectively.The pattern of this online history system is for those individuals who privation to enrol in Cebu means for Dance but they atomic number 18 having the rocky time in finding for the exact location of the school and applying an entry system through online will define it easier and faster for the enrolees to apply to the said move school. The enrolee requires filling up a form online with his or her own(prenominal) information that includes his or her specific detai ls that the system requires. This permits the enrolee choose or enrol to a course offered by the school.Once the enrolee submits the form and formally settles the payment, that enrolee is considered an functionary student of the school. This marks the use of the students personal information account. So the student could direct record in into his account using his unique username and password that would let him view his class schedule and other school related details. An online enrolment system and students personal information account will military service school and its students communicate and keep spread over of their records successfully. And since the widespread use of the lucre has given bulk the chance to access to information and to the different websites, this gives us the idea of creating the system.1.1. desktop of the Project/ Overview of the Current State of TechnologyCompany BackgroundCebu Centre for Dance is the newest terpsichore school in Cebu City. It is l ocated at Tango Plaza building, Queens Road. It aims is to provide high quality dance didactics as well as fitness training in the Queen city of the south. It offers ballet dance training for all 3 years and up, bighearted ballet for fitness, contemporary dance training, classical jazz, and Latin ballroom. For fitness training, it offers Zumba by Emma Satchell, Yoga and Pilates.Companys Current State in terms of TechnologyThe Cebu Centre for Dance has its give existing website, the http// In their website, you behind view the details about the dance school, the different courses offered, the list of faculty members, and its dance resources, and on how to contact the said dance training school.The Cebu Centre for Dances website lacks some features that would help in making their operation more efficient and more effective towards their students and to those who really want to enrol in the said dance school. So the creation of an online enrolmen t system and students personal information account would make a difference and improvement in organizing and retrieving students information.Companys needs/ challenges that needs Technological InterventionThe schools website lacks some features that are needed for making their schools operation more effective and more efficient. It needs a system that could retrieve and track the records of their students and enrolees wherein the admin could view the necessary details about them. The school manages their enrolment manually in which its not very accessible and convenient for students/enrolees especially in this rapidly changing world. On the other hand, keeping track of the records is also done manually that makes it more complicated and unsecured. So the school is really in need of an automated system for the enrolment and an online account for their students/enrolees personal information.Brief Introduction of the Project as the SolutionAs what was defined in 1.0 Project Description , An enrolment system is necessary for the school to keep track of their students records. This is a useful way for retrieving students information. On the other hand a students personal information account will enable a student to view his or her status and other school related requirements or details. If these two will be implemented automatically, then the school will operate more efficiently and effectively. This project would really satisfy the needs of the school of having an automated system for their enrolment and an online account for their students.The admin could view and check the record and status of a specific student. He can also alter some information about that student. The enrolees can register by filling up a form online and submits this one to the site to be stored in the database. Once the payment and other confidential matters are being settled, that enrolee could now be considered as an official student of the said dance school. He could then log-in to his per sonal account to update and view the important details stored in it.1.2. Project Objectives/ Objectives of the ProjectThe main objective of this project is to develop and come up with an enrolment system that would satisfy the needs of the students and the school wherein the admin can be able to manage the students information account. This project aims to build a working and efficient enrolment system and be implemented online.1.2.1. General ObjectiveThe over-all goal for the creation of this online enrolment system and students personal information account is to transform the manual system of enrolment of the school to an automated one. The purpose for this is for the enrolees to enrol to the school anytime of the day because its done online. An online enrolment system will help the school officials to manage and utilize their time properly because the system will be the one working for the enrolment process to be stored in a database. On the other hand, having a students personal information account will help not only the school, but also the student in managing and viewing for their record and important school requirements in convenient way but just logging in to their account. Through this, students records will be put to the database for security purposes and docile access to information.1.2.2. Specific Objectives* To develop an automated or online system of enrolment* To create a students personal information account* To make the enrolment system more effective and more efficient for both the school and the enrolees* To let both the school and the students have an easy access to information* To let the admin protect and organize the students records* To let the admin view the records of their students* To let the admin alter the information stored in the database* To let the enrolees register to the school 24 hours online* To let the students log in to their own personal account* To let the students view and update their account in a more convenient ma nner* To let the admin stake a reminder or note to the students account easier and faster1.3. Scope and Limitations of the ProjectThe online enrolment system can only let the enrolee fill up the form and submit this one to be stored to the database. In an enrolment process, payment is really necessary before the enrolee to be considered as an official student of the school. It can be a down payment or a full payment depending on the agreement made by the school and the enrolee. But in our online enrolment system, no money transactions are done because the payment will only be done through personal meet ups. In the enrolment system, the school can trace what are the standings and schedules of the students.For the students personal information account, only the official students of the school are allowed to log in to their accounts using their unique usernames and passwords. The enrolees are not allowed to log in to an account because they need to achieve first the necessary requirem ents to be considered as an official student of the school. The student can only view and update his account. He cannot delete his account because only the admin can do that. The admin can budge and manage the information on the students account. The admin can view the records of the students fees collected or uncollected. The admin can send personal message to the student and bunk important announcements.1.4. Significance of the Project/ Importance of the ProjectThe system proposed should be done in a specific period of time so that the Cebu Centre for Dance can now have an automated enrolment system. The school wont use anymore the manual system theyre employ to. Its a great benefit for both the students and the school because aside from the fact that its hassle free and convenient, its also user friendly. The purpose for this is for the enrolees to enrol to the school anytime of the day because its done online. An online enrolment system will help the school officials to mana ge and utilize their time properly because the system will be the one working for the enrolment process to be stored in a database.In this rapidly changing world, technology is really a must for everyone especially in schools because the need for it provides us with easy and more effective solutions to everyday living. Without technology we could not communicate quickly from important people we like to talk to, find important information from the Internet, or even keep track school events and announcements. This project allows people to utilise tools that allows overcoming of mental and the applicatory application of knowledge to advance our everyday life.2.0. Review of Related Works and Studies/ Review of Related LiteratureWith the advent of calculating machines, the world entered a more technologically advanced era of computing using various technical tools. In the creation of the system, different resources were being used. It includes the Xampp, Dreamweaver, and Adobe Photosho p CS5, the Internet, university-owned computer, personal computers and laptops (Lenovo and Toshiba). The use of some browsers such as Mozilla and Google Chrome made this database project possible.Through these media, we could now successfully create and develop our own database. It is based on SQL or termed as the incorporated Query Language that is used for managing and querying databases. Creating the system can become extremely complex and inconsistent, because most of the information cant be tabulated into simple computer programs, thus the call for a maximum level database was needed and created.3.0. Project MethodologyThe creation of an online enrolment system and students personal information account requires specific steps that are needed to be achieved. These are the stepsDESIGNMAINTENANCE and SUPPORTIMPLEMENTATIONANALYSISPLANNING data CollectionThis project involves three major steps starting from planning down to the implementation of the system.PLANNINGSoftware Require mentsAnalyse the requirements.ANALYSISIdentify the completionImplements the systemIMPLEMENTATIONTests the systemAll of the activities stated above will be done by Anna Mae Talingting, and Marjorie Castillo. They are the resource persons to be contacted and are trusty for the task required. The making of the system will approximately take 3 months, which is from November to February. It will be done to a place that has computers and other enough resources that would help make and accomplish the system. The activity should be done so that the school can now have an automated enrolment system and students can use it as soon as possible that the system will be done and implemented.

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