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Symposium, by Plato Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Symposium, by Plato - Essay ExampleIn fact, write-ups on this subject ar among the iconic lit ever written. The concept of Eros emanates from a Greek word locus classicus and the agape turn in has been enjoined by the human understanding of love. This has become the source of a lot creative literature on this subject the world over, especially in the western countries. In fact, for the westerners have got two conceptions on this subject. An example is that they in that respect are those who believe in the combination of Eros and agape love, whereas, the rest are staunch Christians who strongly believe in Jesus teachings (Cooksey, 144). The former school of cerebration though criticized on the ground that it is self-centered and weird in some manner. This notwithstanding, many good deal across the globe have embraced it because of the urge to explore more on this exciting topic. This subject requires untold discretion in its presentations hence is has been associated with the discipline of philosophy. It is because of its nature that only poets have managed to explore it. However, in as much as love is subject to philosophical analysis, it differs from the latter. The view of Eros love has its genesis in the past traditional setting. It is easy to fathom and appreciate the credibility of the premises of this view on love from this angle of view. Indeed love is a feeling of power, authority and security. In addition, Eros love is a arguing because when a person possesses love, there is no contemplation of hate yet there can not be hate if love never existed (Cooksey, 144).. on that point can be no good thing without the involvement of love. In erotic view, reason directs the desires of the body In that without reason man becomes irrational. In this case, the psyche is not involved in directing the actions of the body though self constitutes of the body, soul and mind. However in the Christian view has it that the body should be controlled by the mind and soul too. Inn addition love is something that gives people satisfaction. For instance person would ordinarily love another and feel shameful and uneasy virtually it. Moreover, people prefer the whole world to know about their sense of love. Indeed this is the cause as to why several men and women indulge in weddings .this brings to them the reassurance of love from their partners otherwise their love shall remain not rekindled. Love has for a long time transformed people for the better. It is true that it is love alone which kick ins people abandon vices and embrace virtues and moral values of the society. For instance, a wife or husband are restrained from committing promiscuity by love between themselves.However, it is dry that it is the same love that reconciles husband and wife again, In case either of the two partners falls victim of adultery. 2 Love compels a person to make sacrifices which even blood relative will at no time make. It builds the character of a person. For instance when a person is in a relationship, there is a dramatic change of manners and lifestyle. It is love which makes the other partner to have restraint in order to avoid hurting the other person by his or her unpleasant lifestyle or character. It is quite interesting that even justice springs forth from love (Cooksey, 144). This is absolute truth because it is lack of love that culminates in the commission of rime and other evils. For instance if a person has love, it will be difficult for the person to give or accept a bribe as

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