Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Conflict with man and women Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Conflict with man and women - Essay ExampleHow, then, is it possible for men and women to communicate successfully and reach mutual understanding? One key element for the success is the recognition of the differences in the thought process, and to acceptance of those without trying to change the other person or trying to shape them according to what we ar comfortable with. Men choose non to talk about unimportant and trivial things. Men look at action. They want to go ahead and fix the given situation. If the knee is scraped, just put a hold on it, and there - It does not hurt any more. There is nothing more to talk about. It is not the same for women. They not necessary need the bandage, but they do need to have someone who would press them and will say it will be alright. Conversation is not only a way to let solution it is an important process of assessment. Sometime, conversation is a way of relaxing and releasing stress by and by a full working day. Other times it is a n eed to stay connected. two articles give very interesting perspectives on communication differences. The one will be wise to return those and use it in building connections. As it is shown by the example in the second article, that exact familiarity and understanding helped the couple to improve their marriage of twenty-three years.

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