Tuesday, May 14, 2019

See the dis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

See the dis - Essay ExampleA gross sales plan bequeath be prudent since it helps in organizing and thinking finished ones sales strategy. Its writing should be in a way that makes sense to the marketer. It should include the sales goals, which should be specific and measurable. The goal bases on the nature of overlap and breaks it down into manageable parts. For example, sell 50 units to end-users in 30 days and sell 100 units to topical anesthetic independent sellers in six months. Through this, the management will be able to know the task of profits they would be able to make at a certain time (Ellis, Fitchet, Higgins, Jack, Lim, Saren and Tadajewski 25-26). The company should match it has sales activities, which would help the management develop a plan that makes sales. The sales can be direct-to-consumer through a website or via craft shows. In addition, the sales may include activities like developing a sell sheet, to send to independent sell stores (McLeish 45). This w ill enable the company realize more sales with more strategic sale plans in place since the management will know what to undertake at different times of economic downturns. With the growth use of the social site in UAE, the marketers should consider market the product on the website. ... Inconveniences arise to its customers if the number of distribution channels is besides few, while too many a(prenominal) distribution channels may increase its operating cost. There should therefore be a retail store with easy access and more convenient to the consumer (Ulph 98). The company should seek to adopt e-commerce fully at the stage of webpage promotion of products and services. This increases the chances of online sales and marketing at large. Summit sportswear should also seek to license its distribution channels, not only to increase its incomes, but also to minimize its operating cost and fuse its operation mode to enhance its brand identity. In coming up with the retail prices, t he company should search its competitors prices and manufacturer suggested prices to determine product set. Once the product has moved from the wholesale, the retailers should ensconce on what type of retail prices to set. They can determine price by using three pricing models cost-based pricing, competition-based pricing or customer-based pricing. Cost-based pricing sets the retailers price based on product and operating costs. Competition-based pricing uses local competitors prices to decide on retail charges. Customer-based pricing sets retail prices based on how much the products is in demand (Ellis, Fitchet, Higgins, Jack, Lim, Saren and Tadajewski 180). In determining retail prices and the willingness of the customers to buy, the managers should review the manufacturer suggested retail price as a starting point. This would saltation managers an idea of the value of the product from the manufacturers perspective. The organization should set prices close to his competitors ( Synder 98). Charging too much or too little

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