Monday, May 13, 2019

Reality TV's Negative Affect on Our Society Research Paper

naive realism TVs Negative Affect on Our bon ton - Research study ExampleIn some instances, it may make the viewer or the audiences revel at such(prenominal)(prenominal) negative attributes and vices such as pain, sex, and injuries to the cast, which in real sense the viewer should not. The end-result is the cast is rewarded for poor personal, societal or professional judgment. Since the advent of humanity TV programming, critics hold rightly described as a genre that is sensational and focusing on an emphasis on the negative flavours of the participation. Hill (7) states that such articles such as Ragbag of Cheap Thrills, TVs Theatre of Cruelty or Danger Reality TV can Rot Your Brain describe how there is a negative connotation associated with verity TV. Further Nick Clarke argues in The Shadow of a Nation that veracity TV has led to the wear of the values hitherto held by the society as well as distracting the ideals of a modern society. For spokesperson scenes of addicti on to drugs and war in reality television programs have the potential effect of eroding the purification held by the society as well as its moral values (Hill 7). Other programs such as Real Housewives of Atlantaand Basketball Wivesthat show violent confrontations between women tend to make young ladies transcript them with the thoughts that such behavior is sexually attractive. In the analysis of the reality TV program Extreme Makeover, the negative aspect of the society is portrayed as the show suggests that the American society is constantly in trouble to decree or live in a decent home showing how a contemporaneous socio-political focus or situation. The crisis that the cast in the program face is at times used to hoodwink the electorate who select in leaders who can promise better housing... This Reality TV Negative Effects to Society essay demonstrates how such shows as Extreme Makeover or 16 and pregnant shapes our worldview. Reality television shows have constantly port rayed a distasteful and dysfunctional behavior in the form of entertainment and citizenry get easily manipulated and end up applying the same behavior in the society. The negative influence of reality television programs is that they allow a person or the viewer to follow what has been determined for him by soul else as reality. The producers of reality TV programs also fail to consider ethics when producing these programs, as they tend to utilize the misfortune of others such as divorce and teenage pregnancy all in the name of entertainment. From the foregoing argument, research has proven that reality television programs just warp the viewers perception of reality and their belief. This is the reason for example why viewers or members of the society who view the world as modify with frolic and relational strife are addicted to reality programs, for example the regular viewers of drama on crime are likely to engage in crime. In addition, the society has been affected in a maj or way and in a negative way by the reality programs as members of the society do not wish to learn how to accomplish a rigorous or desirable feat but demand to achieve it through controversy and idiocy. The end result is a society built on negative values and morals that greatly affect the productivity and meaningful co-existence.

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