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Promotional mix Essay

Element of the advanceal desegregate for innocent smoothies may include this such as Advertising is utilise to communicate with the humanity about their products and services, this can be expensive and businesses must ensure that they spend their advertising budget cable carefully methods include moving image, print, ambient such as advertising on b rehearses, digital and audio. Sales progression is utilize to encourage customers to purchase your products or for distribution channels to stock your goods . methods are price promotion (discounts), coupons, competitions, money refunds, loyalty incentives.Personal divvy uping is when a representative of the company interacts this instant with a potentiality customer using skills called closing a sale. Methods are face to face, telephone, email, and video or web conferencing. general relations are activities a business carries out to place information in the media without paying for it directly activities might include exhibi tions, sponsorship and weigh relations Direct market is when a business communicates directly with a customer, establishing an individual relationship between the business and the customer, methods are direct mail, mail order catalogue, magazines and telemarketing.Advertising is used by innocent most effectively than other methods of the promotional mix, methods of advertising they use is they confuse cerebrate with popular childrens websites such as club penguin , exculpated also put adverts on the TV. some other method of advertising Innocent use is that they sell magnets along with their smoothies this is effective as it addresss to their orient audience.Innocent use advertising most effectively out of the promotional mix as they appeal to their draw a bead on audience. Innocent use advertising as they are a new company who need acknowledgment so their TV adverts are memorable and funny and they show their personality this links to matching their target area audience w ell with how they advertise.Innocent use gross revenue promotion effectively as they support used promotions such as the free magnets ad club penguin deals, as if they are linked with things such as club penguin people who use club penguin result be more(prenominal) likely to buy their pouts as I benefits them and linking with a big business like Disney which runs club penguin means that it upholds appeal to more of their target audience, while giving them a better image and giving them a funnier personality.The innocent website ad Facebook page work effectively with their sales promotion as it uses fun ad games to promote their products while large-hearted to their audience at the same time. Innocent also use other methods of the promotional mix such as public relations. Innocent use this to get more sales for example inviting the press to a release of a new product so that they report about it and notify the public this will then help increase their audience ad put on more customers.The press an affect the sales a business defines as if they give a bad review and the company gets bad press they will lose customers instead of gaining them. This is effective because customers can get an unbiased opinion of the products, just it is a risky element of the promotional mix as the product/ company might get a bad review and loose customers but if the public like the product then it will gain sales. Elements of the promotional mix that innocent do not useThings such as direct marketing and personal exchange are not used as effectively by innocent because they sell straight to the store such as Tesco or a wholesaler because it keeps their products staying fresher, they will sell more as they will become more reliable as they are always in the shops dissimilar Avon which you squander to wait weeks until you get your product and chose your products and thy well have a wider customer base, this is why they use advertising so effectively as It continues to ge t their items bought from the wholesaler.An example of personal selling is a car salesperson persuading you to buy a car, innocent do not use this as it would not be worth it, as they would have to pay for a person to sell the products and they would have to sell a lot before they make a large profit. A person would also have to walk of life around all day with the produce in the heat which can affect the produce. Innocent entert use direct marketing as they sell their goods to big supermarkets and they dont have to sell to the customers so its up to the supermarket to tell the customer about the products and deals etc.The promotional mix is used well by innocent as their adverts help get them customers and raise awareness of their brand, and appeal to their target audience. Innocent dont use direct marketing or persona selling as they dont sell to the customers personally they sell it to supermarkets instead or the wholesaler.Once they have sold their products to the wholesaler o rsupermarkets they no longer will have to sell their produce however they do have to still advertise as they need the customers to want to buy their products from the supermarkets etc. so then the supermarket will continue to stock their brand. They use the distribution channels the way they do to make sure their products stay fresh for the customer and they are kept in good condition and by selling to supermarkets before the customer it will help show their brand to a wider audience and help increase awareness of their brand.The promotional mix used by innocent is appropriate because it has worked and their business is expanding and getting larger, they also have a reliable customer base in England which will help them if they judge to sell in America. This is because they have advertised their business a lot and because of their uses of advertising this means they have a wider audience which ranges from children to adults and any gender.

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