Saturday, May 11, 2019

Declining Confidence in Government Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Declining Confidence in Government - Essay ExampleThis essay looks into some of the texts that have think on the issue.Balz, D. (October 13, 2013). Public confidence in GOP, government declining fast. The Washington Post. Retrieved from http// popular confidence-in-gop-government-declining-fast/The Washington Post is a popular form of media that addresses most of the contentious issues facing the US and opposite parts of the world. The article highlights the recent events involving the US government that have resulted into a decline in public trust. The article discusses the surprising results from the Gallop Polls and the NBC News-Wall Street journal followe the historic government closure (Balz, 2013). People knew that the threats of a regime default and the shutdown would lead to a disruption of the stability of political parties in Washington. It was even more surprising to find out that so much damage could be achieved in a short time. The article also states that the mistakes of the Republican Party also contributed to the shutdown.The article is viewed as showing some of the most alarming trends in the modern times. It was clear that the citizens have lost credit in the government and its ability to steer the country towards the right direction economically. It is clear that most citizens ar pessimistic and are counting on the situation to get worse (Balz, 2013). The present standoff that has resulted into a considerable decline in public trust in the government is similar to the one experient in the discussion about the increase in the debt ceiling. It has been observed that the decline in confidence in the government has fallen to levels that have never been experienced before. Democrats did not escape the criticism as well. This is owing to the fact that they were also blamed for the shutdown. The article states that the opinion polls from various organizations revealed similar trends in

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